How to prepare for LIC AAO examinations?

By | August 16, 2023

Life Insurance Corporation of India conducts the examinations for AAO – Assistant administrative officers from time to time. Preparing for the AAO exams requires a focussed approach. You would perhaps need to follow a few tips to ensure that you are in for the best possible success in the AAO examinations.

How to prepare for LIC AAO examinations – A few practical tips

Before we move on to explain the directions for preparing for the AAO examinations, it may be noticed that these tips come from the people who have faced and succeeded in these examinations. You can definitely trust them.

Understand the syllabus and patterns of the examination

This will provide you with an idea of which topics you should cover. If you know the syllabus well, you can concentrate on the necessary topic than wasting your time elsewhere.
The paper consists of 120 questions on Reasoning Ability, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Data Analysis & Interpretation, and Insurance and Financial Market Awareness. In addition, you will have two questions on the English language. The examination is held in three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interviews. You will need to crack all three to be eligible to be appointed as the Assistant Administrative Officer with LIC.

Create a timetable for yourself.

Depending on the time you have for your studies, prepare a timetable. This will help you structure your study plan in a streamlined manner. Cover each and every topic in your timetable and study plan. This will give you a better chance of cracking the exam.

Practice as much as possible

The key to succeeding in an exam is to practice. This applies to every sort of exam. Make sure that you have practised enough number of questions across all the subjects viz Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English.

Take mock tests

Mock tests can be one of the excellent means of helping you crack the examinations with a better score. The mock tests can be availed on several websites dedicated to guiding you to the preparation of competitive examinations. These tests can help you get an idea of which areas you need to improve upon. Analyse your results in mock tests and improve upon your weak points.

Learn time management

In any competitive exam, effective time management is what helps you beat the exam. Dedicate a specific time slot for each of the topics. This can be helpful in answering all the questions in the stipulated time slot and getting a better scoring across the entire examination.

Join study groups

Joining study groups can be yet another excellent way that you can adopt. Study groups can give you an idea of what you may miss out on. The discussion that you can have with your peers helps you arrive at the best preparation possible.

Closing thoughts

The above tips should help you arrive at the best scores in the AAO examinations. Implement these tips as part of your study plan, and we are sure that you will be able to win big in your examinations with flying colours.

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